3 Reasons Manchester United Will Finish Ahead Of Manchester City This Season


The Manchester rivalry is going to be back to it’s best this season with the arrivals of Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola this summer, but who will come out on top? Pep Guardiola has been dubbed the best manager in world football, but he has never played in the Premier League and in Manchester City, he has inherited a completely different project. Here are three reasons why United could reclaim bragging rights this season.

1 – Jose Mourinho

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For all of Pep Guardiola’s quality, the Premier League is a different monster altogether. You cannot afford to not be at your best for any game, or these lowly Premier League teams will punish you. The advantage United have over City is they have a manager who already knows the league and although he collapsed last season at Chelsea, he won the league comfortably the season before. Mourinho is a respected Premier League manager and he has years of top level experience. Surely he will learn from last years failures and become an even better manager. At Manchester United he has all the tools to go and become the manager he has always wanted to be, I can’t see him getting this one wrong. In contrast I can see Pep being a bit naive, believing in his philosophy and not adapting enough to beat the lower sides, who all have weapons of their own. Take Watford for example, when on form Deeney and Ighalo can cause huge problems for teams like City. Mourinho is wise to all of these threats and you’d expect his defensive tactics to shut out the threats of the sides who often slip under the radar.

It is worth remembering that traditionally Mourinho does very well in his first couple of seasons, it takes a few seasons for the cracks to begin to spread.