4 Transfers Arsenal Still Need To Complete This Month To Win The Title


Arsenal may have started the window in the right fashion with the addition of Granit Xhaka, but since then, it has all gone a little downhill for the Gunners.

The season has started (badly) and Arsenal still lack efficiency at both ends of the field. As well as incomings, there are still issues to sort in terms of shredding the squad down. To make new signings, the Gunners may have to shift a few players. Here are four transfers I think they need to complete to try and win the title this season.

1 – Shkodran Mustafi

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Surely Arsenal should just get this one done? Valencia need the money, they’ve publicly admitted that, but Arsenal are baulking at the asking price. Depending on what report you believe, the Spaniard’s are asking for between £25million-£35million for Mustafi, a 24-year-old defender that has won the World Cup and is widely considered as a very good defender in Spain, despite Valencia’s struggles last season. The Mirror suggest that Arsenal are attempting to sign him for around £20million – you think, at this stage, Arsenal should just bite the bullet. He is known to be good friends with the German’s currently playing for Arsenal (Per and Mesut) and so you’d hope / expect him to settle in nicely with the squad. If Wenger is not willing to budge with his valuation for Mustafi, what’s the likelihood that another club come and pay what Valencia are asking? I’d say it is highly likely. Just get it done, Arsene.