5 Arsenal Stats From This Premier League Season That’ll Shock You


With the international break driving all football fans crazy as usual, we’ve been taking a look at Premier League teams performances so far this season and looking at the standout statistics. Firstly we are having a look at Arsenal.

1 – 18.1 Interceptions Per Game (3rd most in the Premier League)

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Arsenal’s entire team on average have made a huge 18.1 interceptions per game this season, that’s the third highest in the league. It’s surprisingly high considering the Gunners normally have most of the ball and the struggling duo of West Ham and Hull City are the only clubs ahead of them. Some of the top teams are at the bottom of this table, Liverpool in 20th with just 9.7, so why are Arsenal making so many interceptions? It could be down to winning the higher up the pitch, Arsenal’s players seem more hungry to win it back and intercept and Alexis spearheading the attack could be the reason for that. There’s also the fact that the Arsenal players seem to be working harder off the ball, one of the main culprits is Theo Walcott, who seems to have a new lease of life about him this season.