Arsenal Fans React As Jack Wilshere Gets Charged £40,000, More Than Terry’s Racism Charge


Arsenal fans were angry enough when Jack Wilshere was told he was going to be charged for calling Spurs s***, today their anger grew as it was revealed that Wilshere would be charged £40,000, more than the amount John Terry was charged for ‘racist abuse’. Sounds tough right?

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Arsenal fans are understandably annoyed by this and have even set up an online fundraiser to pay for the fine. I’m sure Wilshere has enough money to pay the fine, but the fans are intent on making a point to the Football Association.

The fine seems especially steep when comparing it to John Terry’s racism charge, it doesn’t really fit. Also the fact that Wilshere single handedly saved England last week seems to have had no effect on the severity of the fine – not that it should, of course.

It’s a little silly isn’t it? It’s not the first time that the FA have been extremely inconsistent with their charges, sometimes I think they just draw amounts out of a hat and assign that charge.

Here’s how Arsenal fans have reacted to the news on Twitter: