City Legend Opens Up About The Shift Of Power In Manchester

Richard Dunne Reveals What Man City Need to Do in Order to Become 'Premier  League Greats' | 90min

Brain picking sessions with Richard Dunne is one of the extensively informative bouts that provided an insight into the intricate world of the Premier League. Providing the city with a backline in their time of need has given him the understanding needed to relinquish information that could shape the future of the team.

After serving as a captain for the City for almost over a decade, the most important aspect of the present has been unwrapped by the legend thoroughly throughout the interview. “It’s City, isn’t it?” announced Sir Alex Ferguson. “They are a small club with a small mentality.”

When words were being exchanged with Manchester United’s most successful manager in 2009, just after the infamous incident took place that shook the sports industry. The advertising board that dictated ‘Welcome to Manchester’ in the Manchester city center had created quite an impact on the environment creating an influx of structure.

The movement that changed the whole countenance of the team was the swapping of Old Trafford for the Etihad. As it took place just after the second consecutive Premier League title with them, that summer created quite a history. Currently, the city occupies the 19/20 in the lines of betting when it comes to winning the Premier League for the third time after a very long gap of four years.

Despite all the buildup of hype, Manchester managed to slip in the 10th position in the chart as the Abu Dhabi United Group that was led by Sheikh Mansour, managed to take over the club by implementing a dramatic increase of pace in the game. However, it was the Argentine that shook the early stages of the establishment as it continued to go ahead in the game.

Tracing down the path of power:

When thought about were to trace back the source of power denomination, one would suggest that nothing can straightforwardly provide the point of ascension than the cross-city rivals.

This was rather taken badly by Furguson who took a dig at the dramatic win of Manchester, scoring 4-3 at Old Trafford, as he comments “Sometimes you have a noisy neighbor, you cannot do anything about that, they will always be noisy. You just have to get on with your life, put your television on and turn it up a bit louder.”

Those words were loud in the audience, however, it made him realize something that was quite the contrary to his beliefs, that the new city, navigated by its new owners, will become a threat.

“What he recognized with Manchester City very early on was that there was potential to cause United to bother,” asserts Simon Bajkowski, a reporter in Manchester Evening News. He further shares that Manchester would need to give attention to details to make the change that is needed in the realm of derby.

The man says it all:

Richard Dunne, the legendary installation in the team, appeared in the games over 350 times from 2000 to 2009. Not only that but he also captained the Club in the first season. This change of direction not only shifted the power structure as one thought that the previous eight seasons made him believe that. But this shift in spectrum created an opportunity. 

“It just went from one end of the spectrum to the other,” comments Dunne in this Betway interview. He further adds, “The quality of players that came in for Manchester City made them improve and become a bigger and stronger side. They were of a different standard and at a different level.”

However, it was the deal-breaking event where Brazil international and Robinho who is a two-time La Liga winner, pulled a big one in the game making everyone’s belief shake. This deal could not help Manchester to get itself yanked into the elite club.

The later influx caused the whole thing to go awry as the relationship was wholly altered. David Silva and Yaya Toure in 2010 along with Sergio Aguero a year later changed the relationship of the Manchester derby.

“When I was playing, it meant everything to City fans. For us, it was the biggest game of the year.

Manchester United was competing with Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool for the Premier League. Manchester City was just another game”.

“But it then became a title-decider almost. It was no longer a just derby that meant a lot to City and not so much to United.” Comments Dunne about the phenomenon that took place that year.

Not only that but he further drops some other truth bombs as he says “Maybe as a City fan, you might have feared the derby in previous years thinking: ‘We might get hammered here’, to then relishing it.”

“From it being just a big game for City to a title challenge in a couple of years was a huge difference in mindset for both sets of fans and both sets of players. It had that period where the game meant everything and not just in terms of local bragging rights.”

You could see this in the climax of the 2011/12 season that is considered to be the impressive final day in Premier League history.