‘Easy Choice’: Fans Choose Between Arsenal And Manchester United Stars


Twitter has been awash this morning with people voting in the latest Sky Sports News debate, which asked who is the better summer signing- Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez or Manchester United’s Di Maria.

It was a tight battle between two South American stars and rival fans were fighting their teams corner, insisting that their player was the better of the two. However Arsenal supporters seemed more convinced, with in-form Alexis Sanchez being an ‘easy choice’ for many of the voters.

However, Angel Di Maria had plenty of voters too and many believed that whilst Sanchez may be the in-form player at the moment, Di Maria will be the better purchase in the long-term. After all, he played a key-part in Real Madrid’s Champions League winning campaign last term.

Who’s better for you? And which player will be celebrating come tomorrow evening after this mammoth tie?