Highly-rated journalist stylishly confirm who will own Chelsea next term

Roman Abramovich

Highly rated French journalist Philippe Auclair has confirmed that Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich has listed the club for sale and will likely not be owner of the club next season.

Chelsea has been finding it hard to be at their best of form this term, having after high the service of Maurizio Sarri to come to fill the void that was left by Antonio Conte when he was fired.

In the light of this, there have been several reports that the club has been put in the market and listed for sale by the owner who is a Billionaire.

There is not yet official confirmation from the club or Abramovich himself, so let all seat, rest our backs and see what happened in the coming weeks.

However, if reports from Philippe Auclair are anything to go by then Chelsea are likely to start the new season with a new owner.

“The biggest question for Chelsea fans is what is going to happen with Roman Abramovich? He said when speaking on the Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast.

“The registration ban yes, is a problem. They can still appeal but they will have to go through a different instance for that.

“All hope is not lost in that particular area. The thing is about rumors of the sale of Chelsea are more than rumors.

“The club is for sale, he’s actually mandated two different entities to approach two possible buyers, asking for an awful, awful lot of money.

“This is going to take an awful lot of insecurity I’d imagine within the club.”

On the other hand, Sarri has also been linked with a move away from the Stamford Bridge with rumors all over the air that he will be sacked by the end of this season. Auclair continued by saying the Italian manager deserves to remain at the club beyond this season transfer window.

“And at the moment you’re thinking, well are they going to get rid of Sarri? Who are they going to take? He added.

“Explain to me who they are going to take who is going to be a major improvement on Sarri…

“He had little pre-season and a fantastic start to the season then had a collapse, then rose again.

“He might still finish in the Europa League and might still finish in the top four.”

Auclair also when ahead to reveal the club’s plans for a new stadium which will only be increasing the net worth of the London club.

“I do think they have planning permission, I think there is one sticky point behind the Matthew Harding stand which refused to budge,” he said.

“Obviously the club is worth far more money if you’ve got the planning permission.”