No. 8 – Manchester United Signing Named 8th Best Transfer Of The Summer


He may not be the most ‘value for money’ signing, and that’s why he’s not higher up the list, but Paul Pogba’s arrival as the most expensive player in world football was a huge coup for Manchester United. With this signing, Jose Mourinho has helped United reassert their authority as one of the biggest clubs in the world. Pogba’s arrival can lift United from the mire and to greatness again. 

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His ability to cannot be questioned although his overall impact maybe over rated by some. He has proven himself in the Srie A consistently and also on the international stage. He has built up his image of being a superstar on and off the pitch – it cannot be underestimated the impact that this signing will have for Manchester United as a club in re-establishing themselves as a global brand powerhouse.

He’s a charismatic midfielder but he also has bags of ability: he’s a player that combines strength, pace and athleticism excellently making him an ideal all round central midfielder. It is incredible that at such a young age (23), he is already considered by many amongst the best central midfielder in Europe despite the huge price Manchester United have paid. His arrival has almost guaranteed quality in midfield. They may have previously had good midfielders in Morgan Schneiderlin, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Michael Carrick and Ander Herrera etc. but it is easy to see that Pogba if not already, has the potential to become twice as good as those players. Now the world record transfer, Pogba has the pressure on his shoulders to prove himself amongst the very best, but somehow you have little doubt that he will rise to the pressure and we will  him become an even better player than he is today.

There is arguably no better than Mourinho to manage Pogba’ s confident demeanour and also aid his development and help him realise his potential. Jose has often been criticised for his ability to develop young players but in Pogba he has a player that has already established himself but is still young enough to improve further. Mourinho, although often criticised for his lack of ability to develop young talent, has worked with many big characters during his managerial career whether that be Didier Drogba at Chelsea or Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid – either way, the players, no matter how enigmatic, are complimentary of Mourinho’s managerial styles and those compliments are also made by Zlatan Ibrahimović, and is anyone more arrogant than the big Swedish International? It is also worth remembering the Mourinho has helped players from one stage of their career to the next. A good example is with Rafael Varane at Real Madrid. The defender had already established himself as a first-team footballer in France but in Spain Mourinho helped him in the transition stage to become a superstar.

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I think there will rightly be question marks right now but simply for the magnitude of the signing, Manchester United deserve credit. The Premier League had been coming under criticism due to its current form in European competitions and also the fact that Leicester were allowed to win the Premier League so comfortably. The signing made the whole of the footballing world take note – it symbolised that Manchester United were back and for that reason this signing simply has to be in our top 10. Time will tell whether he can live up to that price, personally I think he will and even if he doesn’t the boost that his arrival has given the whole club and its supporters cannot be underestimated. Manchester United are back.