Report: Chelsea Consider Making Shock Transfer Offer, Fans Aren’t Happy


Chelsea could be about to make a very strange and massive transfer offer, if the papers are to be believed. 

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The report comes from The Sun, who lets face it, are not the most reliable source – so lets remember that before dissecting this story. The story suggests that Chelsea really want Leonardo Bonucci, and I can believe that. They also suggest that Juventus do not want to sell unless it is for a huge amount of money, also, understandable. They discuss the possibility of Cesc Fabregas being involved in any deal, that does make sense, with Conte clearly not a fan and the player offering obvious value to Juventus.

To me this doesn’t make sense and even after the season Eden has had, Chelsea would be able to sell him for in excess of £50million to a whole host of clubs. I can believe that Conte isn’t the biggest fan of Hazard, who prefers to roam rather than strict on the field discipline – however Conte isn’t stupid and offering Hazard plus cash for Bonucci makes zero financial sense. Hazard is younger and for me, has a higher value, despite the obvious brilliance of Bonucci.

It’s fair to say that these rumours have been met with a fair amount of scepticism and fear from Chelsea fans on Social Media. Here’s some of the best reaction. 

Amazingly the paper claims Juventus would rather Fabregas than Hazard. I find that incredibly hard to believe. Yes Cesc may be more needed right now, but turning down the chance to sign a prime Hazard and instead opting for a ‘past it’ playmaker would seem incredibly odd. It makes the story even less believable.

Any deal for Bonucci, if it were to happen, cannot happen until at least January, so Chelsea fans need not worry for the time being. However if you are a Chelsea fan and an admirer of Hazard, you need to hope that he finds his best form soon and adapts to the Conte way of thinking, otherwise he may be moved on. At the end of the day Chelsea have opted to go with Conte as their manager, so they must buy into his style of play or leave. If Hazard leaves, Conte would more than likely replace him with a big name player that can play in his position and more to Conte’s style.