‘Shocking, Not Good Enough’: Liverpool Fans Have Had Enough Of £9m Ace


Liverpool fans were angry at goalkeeper Simon Mignolet as they only managed to take a point away to Ludogrets on Wednesday night.

Mignolet has fallen out of favour with the fans since he made a string of errors over the last 12 months.

Things didn’t get much better for him tonight, he fumbled the first to allow Ludogrets to take an early lead against the Reds. It meant they were immediately on the back foot and despite going in front, only managed a point in a game they really needed to win.

Liverpool aren’t out, but they need to beat Basel at home on the final match-day to qualify. That is certainly possible and the English side will hope they have what it takes. Some fans will hope Mignolet isn’t playing in that game though.. here’s what they had to say about the Belgian’s performance: