‘The Naivety Is Staggering’: Arsenal Fans React To Dismal Anderlecht Draw


Arsenal threw away a 3-0 lead last night at home to Anderlecht. As you can expect, the reaction from the fans wasn’t exactly the most positive after the game.

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The fans blasted the lack of focus and maturity of performance that the Gunners put up for the last 30 minutes. As many fans have said, this is unacceptable and the Gunners need to find more resilience to see out these kind of games. In truth, I would be angry about this collapse, even if it came against a team away from home like Chelsea or Bayern Munich. The fact it was at home against Anderlecht just makes it more frustrating.

Perhaps it is karma for what we did to them in Brussels? After all the maximum we deserved that night was a point. Being that they deserved a point from the two ties, I’m not annoyed about that, I’m just worried about the future if that’s how we can collapse.

The bookies saved a few quid..

On a positive note: