The Premier League’s Reach: Fuelling Big Money Deals


It says a lot when the English top flight is now televised in a staggering 212 territories across the world. The Premier League (PL) is currently working with more than 80 broadcasters across the world, which has meant the money filtering into the league has grown year-on-year.

Premier League

Before the recent transfer window closed, PL clubs had spent £870 million on new players. This sort of investment was only possibly due to the sheer amount of revenue they now receive from the slew of television deals the PL has secured of late. The Express reported in February, the exact amount that the each club receives is £81 million per year.

The global reach of the PL has transcended across all continents, and many fans are now able to access content across several different platforms. For the most part, if a fan has a subscription to, for instance, a channel like Sky that shows x amount of games per season, they will be able to sync their account with some of their technological devices. Therefore, they will be able to watch content on alternative platforms other than via their standard television set. For those who don’t want to pay a subscription fee to view live PL matches, often the channels found on the HumaxDirect Freeview boxes, like BBC and ITV, will show the matches at no additional cost. Just like any TV, you will need to make sure you have the right TV box and aerial in order to watch these matches on BBC and ITV. Most of you will already have these but if you’ve just moved or have never really watched TV, just Google “aerial installers near me in Leeds” (or wherever you’re located) and you will be able to find a good tradesman to do the job.

Many channels have released mobile-friendly websites that allow sports fans to watch games in real-time via seamless streaming mobile channels. Brands like Sky and BT forecasted mobiles growth and the need to align their services to appease the need to sync subscriptions with tablets and mobiles a long time ago – hence, why they’ve been so successful in the broadcasting industry. Gaming Realms, a company that specializes in website development and mobile casino portals, published an article in 2012 predicting such a rise. They said “the global smartphone and tablet installed base is expected to exceed the PC installed base during 2013.” Thus, the need to align products with mobile was important to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Many online casinos are offering a book of oz slots to get their users started.

With the Sky and BT deals amounting to a whopping £5.14 billion collectively, the spending power in the PL has eclipsed other top leagues. You only have to look at the 3 biggest transfers that the league has seen this season to see how deals such as Sky and BT’s have inflated transfer dealings.

Kevin De Bruyne – Wolfsburg to Manchester City – £54 million
Raheem Sterling – Liverpool to Manchester City – £49 million
Anthony Martial – AS Monaco to Manchester United – £36 million

Another key variable to consider is the increasing demand for PL content. With many other deals being brokered to help launch/expand brand recognition in other territories, there’s no real way to gauge the PL’s potential growth in, say, 5 years time. Whether this leads to sensible spending by PL clubs in the long term that is still up for debate but the television income that each club receives has never been more lucrative.

Check out this infographic by the Football Observatory to see how PL spending stands up to the other top leagues in Europe.