Twitter Reacts To Nigel Pearson Sacking


News has broken this evening that Leicester City have relieved manager Nigel Pearson from his duties at Leicester City football club.

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Pearson led Leicester to survival last season after winning seven of their last nine games of the season to achieve their what seemed impossible task of beating the drop to the second tier of England football. Leicester didn’t just beat the drop, they steered well clear of it, with Pearson achieving a 14th place finish with the Foxes.

Despite managing to keep Leicester in the Premier League, Pearson has still been sacked by the club, which can only mean one thing, that he has had a falling out with the board, which is what seems to have happened.

Following the sacking, the club have said that the board’s relationship with Pearson is ‘no longer viable’, and have wished the former Foxes boss all the best for the future in a recent statement.

Not only can we remember the way that Pearson guided Leicester to survival, we can also have a giggle about his infamous rant at a journalist, labelling him an ‘ostrich’ before storming out of a press conference.

Here is how Twitter have reacted to the sacking.