‘Maybe We Should Have Replaced Vermaelen?’: Fans Blame Wenger After Anderlecht Collapse


It’s fair to say that the Arsenal fans weren’t best pleased with Per Mertesacker or Nacho Monreal after the teams 3-3 draw with Anderlecht.

The Spaniard was poor for the Gunners, and his error yesterday meant that Arsenal only took one point from a game where they were leading 3-0 with 30 minutes to go. He’s not a centre back, but his decision to haul down Anderlecht’s forward in the final moments was a really really silly one. Mertesacker also missed his header late on to allow Anderlecht to jump in and score the equaliser. It could even cost us qualification altogether if we continue to collapse in the last two games.

Whilst the defenders were poor, the fans were not sure where to place the blame. It is Wenger’s fault Monreal was at centre back in the first place..

Punner reminded us that Monreal has actually done quite well at centre back in the scheme of things