Almost done: Man United top target set to complete Chelsea move

Mohamed Akandji

Brighton and Hove Albion have been showing a keen interest in signing Chelsea youngster Reece James.

Yet, the Albion will confront a troublesome task in their expectations of signing him this summer.

James, who was productive in the Championship, helped Wigan Athletic stay in the Football League being on a loan from Chelsea.

The England player helped the Latics move to wellbeing in the EFL having captained the team with Brighton’s goalkeeper Christian Walton on loan.

Reports have it that Brighton are just gunning to sign the right-back on a lasting arrangement and not on a loan contract, which could demonstrate to be difficult as Chelsea transfer ban for disregarding rules in regards to the signing of youth players is still on the table.

Brighton are by all account, not the only club answered to be enthusiastic about the England player as giant Manchester United is additionally said to be quite interested.

Crystal Palace is additionally keen on the 19-year-old right back. In any case, following his effective loan with the Championship club this season the Blues are most improbable to give him a chance to leave Stamford Bridge with their FIFA transfer ban.

Amid his loan spell with Wigan, James had the chance to score three goals and three assists for the Championship Club, hudt think what he will do with an English Premier League top team.