‘Axe Him / Give Him Time’: Liverpool Fans Can’t Agree On Rodgers’ Future


Liverpool fell further down the table on Sunday afternoon as they lost 3-1 to Crystal Palace.

Many fans blamed Brendan Rodgers for the defeat and have subsequently taken to Twitter to say they want him gone. We searched through hundreds of fans tweets and the general consensus was that fans were sitting on the fence.

You can see why some Liverpool fans want to give Rodgers more time, considering he so almost led Liverpool to the league title last season. He did the unthinkable. However the players he has signed have been poor and the results this season have been even worse. There are fans who think he got lucky last season and his true colours are finally coming through.

Liverpool officials say his job is under no immediate threat, but there’s no doubt about the pressure that is starting to arise from Liverpool’s passionate fanbase.

Here’s some of the best tweets we found: