‘Best Player In The Premier League’: Twitter Reacts To Attackers Brilliant Performance


Twitter was full of praise on Sunday for Arsenal’s star man at the moment, Alexis Sanchez.

The Gunners faced Hull City in a repeat of last seasons FA Cup final. This year there was no slow start for the hosts as they took the lead 20 minutes in through Per Mertesacker, who nodded in his first of the season. Alexis Sanchez, who was brilliant all game, scored the decisive goal 82 minutes in.

Sanchez, despite having played all Arsenal’s game over the winter period, showed no signs of fatigue against Hull. The Chilean was brilliant playing as the lone striker for Arsenal. He worked hard, putting the Hull players under pressure throughout. He didn’t play any part in the Gunners FA Cup win last season, but he worked so hard to kick off the clubs FA Cup campaign this season.

His goal late on secured the win for Arsenal by curling in a beautiful goal from the edge of the box. Here’s how Twitter reacted to Alexis’ performance against Hull.

The only rest Alexis was taking was after the game..