“Can We Go To Bed Now?” West Ham Fans Disappointed Again On Deadline Day


West ham fans were again left disappointed on transfer deadline last night after the owner’s final hour hype, led to nothing.

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David Gold and Jack Sullivan both sparked suspense by tweeting with an hour to go; “Don’t go to bed” and “It’s going to be an interesting hour”. Ultimately this became the rise before the fall as with less than an hour to go Jack Sullivan then tweeted “Sadly despite trying to do 8 deals today, everyone has collapsed in the last 2 hours and are now unlikely to do any business”. This was taken in both a positive and negative light by some fans, however mostly negative, with people even blaming Sam Allardyce for the collapse of the transfers. The frustration is justified though as if West Ham are going to look to sustain a serious push for Europe, they needed to strengthen this window. There were also mixed views on the potential signing of Emmanuel Adebayor, with some fans saying that, although he’s a spurs player, he’d be useful on a 6 month loan; and others saying that they don’t want to become a laughing stock because of Spurs’ rejects.

What do you think of the whole deadline day debacle? Who should West Ham have signed? Let me know.