‘Worlds Apart’: Chelsea Fans Infuriate Arsenal Supporters With Comparison

Photo via rayand

Chelsea fans have infuriated Arsenal supporters on social media in the past 24 hours as they compared Didier Drogba to beloved Gunners legend Thierry Henry.

Drogba scored in the Blues 3-0 victory over Spurs yesterday and some Blues fans couldn’t resist a poke at their London neighbours, stating that Henry had vanished into obscurity in the MLS whilst Drogba still played ball on the big stage. Naturally, Arsenal fans were infuriated and we could fill this page with a lot of angry tweets- but here’s the comments that started it all.

Some Chelsea fans have now suggested this is all make belief and Arsenal fans started the debate due to an inferiority complex but we have the proof, as some truly believer Drogba is better than Henry. We’ll keep our opinions on this matter silent but we’re not sure how scoring two league goals warrants the claim ‘scoring for fun’!