‘Curse Of The Golden Generation’: Twitter Reacts To Euro Clash


Belgium hosted Wales in tonight’s round of European Championship Qualifiers, which saw the two teams battle out a 0-0 draw. Wales will undoubtedly be the happier set of players as they retain their spot at the top of group B, although Israel could go ahead of them if they win their game against Kazakhstan. Belgium, who were the favourite for this one, fall to fourth in the group following Cyprus’ 5-0 thrashing of Andorra.

The main talking point before this game, other than Wales’ achievement in the tournament so far, was the tie pitting Gareth Bale and Eden Hazard against one and other. There have been reports over the last week that claim Carlo Ancelotti is looking to sell Bale for a fee of around £90million, in an attempt to bring Eden Hazard to the Bernabeu. It is of course most likely nonsense, but that didn’t take away the added spice it gave the clash.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the game: