Fabregas stylishly confirm who he will support for Europa Finals – Fans will be shocked

Cesc Fabregas

Previous Arsenal and Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas took to Twitter while the two his previous clubs have made it to the Europa League finals and it was fairly clear which of the team he was more in to.

At the start of his career, Fabregas was with Arsenal for eight years and featured in up to 212 games for the North London outfit. On the other hand, he was with Chelsea for a five year and showed up in138 games for the Blues.

However, despite featuring in more games for the Gunners and being a player for three more years than he was for Chelsea, the Blues seems to be more favorable to get is support for the finals.

The Spain international completed 11 tweets the previous evening when the two groups were playing and each and every one of them was in the favor of Chelsea.

He didn’t compliment Arsenal at all and did not recognize their success against Valencia, however, he congratulated Spurs when they beat Ajax to make the Champions League final stage.

He never really turned out and tweeted that he would bolster Chelsea in the final yet you don’t need to be a mind specialist to work out where his loyalty will lie when his two previous clubs meet in Baku toward the month’s end.