Debate: Why Chelsea Fans Should Be Worried


The Premier League season has begun in an awful fashion for defending champions Chelsea, who have thus far drawn 2-2 at home to Swansea City and been swept aside by title rivals Manchester City, who won 3-0 at the Etihad.

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A poor start to the campaign has raised concern amongst Chelsea supporters and for good reason. Whilst it’s only the second week of the season, and there’s still 36 matches to play, the problems are clear for all to see. It’s not something that’s just come about, it’s been ticking over for months.

Chelsea failed to win a pre-season game in normal time, requiring a penalty shoot-out to do the job twice, and you have to go all the way back to June 2nd for the last-time the Blues actually won a match within 90 minutes.

Again, pre-season isn’t anything major. It’s a build-up to the new campaign- but for Chelsea the warning signs were there throughout, it was clear Jose Mourinho’s side needed a shake-up but the Portuguese boss failed to deliver and instead will have to overspend in the final two weeks of the window.

More concerning is Mourinho’s stance in the media, where the Chelsea boss refuses to be drawn into problems with his side and at times, he ignores football related things altogether. He picks fights, points blame and causes outrage.

Defenders of Mourinho will say that’s simply his personality and that he’s always been this way, which is correct. However, in the past he’s got away with it as he’s had success and his side is performing. Doing it whilst the club look in real difficulty just makes Mourinho look obsolete, naive and, plainly put, rather stupid.

There’s countless issues in the first-team at the moment; the conceding of many goals, the defence crumbling, Diego Costa focusing more on scraps than football, Cesc Fabregas disappearing at crucial moments and the invisible man that has been Eden Hazard so far this season.

It’s not just Mourinho though. Social media was set alight with the match report the official website published after the defeat to City, which complained of mistreatment, poor decisions and Chelsea not getting the result they deserve.

Whilst this is written for and by Chelsea supporters, it stank of bitterness and made the club look even more ridiculous. The Blues need to douse the flames, not add fuel to the fire like the club seemingly insists on doing.

Chelsea should knuckle-down, get on with it and work to improve the problems. People will say we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes but we do; as a civil war seems to be erupting with Mourinho against whoever he feels like scapegoating this week.

The medical staff, John Terry- how is that supposed to help team spirit and confidence? Knowing that should you make a mistake, Mourinho will hang you out to dry. In fact it’s worse than that, as Mourinho sets his sights on who and what he wants, no matter what’s happened.

As stated before, Mourinho can get away with his antics as long as things are going well on the field. He’s always been feeding the press gossip but the claim that he’s diverting attention off his team is simply untrue. It’s affecting them, 100%.

Chelsea will bounce back, it’s inevitable, but the club’s behaviour is scrubbing deep into fresh wounds. Whilst they will heal, too much damage will cause scars and long-term problems- which Chelsea cannot afford to have with the growth of Liverpool, Tottenham and the rest of the chasing pack.