Research: Arsenal Offer Tickets Cheaper Than Manchester United & Tottenham


We were sent some quite interesting statistics about Premier League ticket prices, this information goes against the grain somewhat so we thought we’d share it…

Despite the Emirates generally getting a bad name when it comes to ticket prices, the club are among only nine who offer an adult Premier League ticket for under £30, according to a survey by Free Super Tips revealing the true price of football for fans.

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The Premier League Match Day Calculator also shows that Gooners can snap up a ticket for as little as £27 – less than Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham.

Tickets for an equivalent game at United would set you back at £31, with Chelsea and City coming in at £30, and the cheapest ticket for a game at White Hart Lane priced at £32.

Arsenal’s Category C games range from £27 to £39.50 but the equivalent prices at Tottenham start at £32 rising up to £47, meaning that Gooners could make a potential saving of up to £20 compared with their rivals.

Supporters who are non-members could watch Arsenal in action against Swansea City and Middlesbrough across back-to- back weekends starting onSaturday October 15.

Elsewhere around the Premier League, Stamford Bridge is the most expensive venue for refreshments for the 2016/17 season.

Away fans travelling to Chelsea will have to fork out £4.50 for a pie and £4.60 for a pint but a trip to Anfield will be much more enjoyable with the traditional pre-match combo costing £6.50 altogether.

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We had a closer look at the calculator and thought it was interesting to see that Liverpool offered a home ticket for as little has £7. Arsenal, despite offering the most expensive ticket, also offer a ticket for just £27. Reasonable, but how bad is the view?!

Another shocker comes from Stamford Bridge where Chelsea are reportedly charging £4.50 for a pie and £4.60 for a pint! That’s pretty much £10 for a pie and a pint! I Kante believe it.

Arsenal (and travelling) fans have been very public about their dismay of the prices at The Emirates in recent seasons, but it seems the prices they are charging are often in line with other clubs, especially when you purely compare them with other London-based teams, who of course will charge a premium due to their geographical location.

We all want to get the price of football down, but these statistics help put into context some of the figures you see from fans on Social Media.

We’d love to hear about your favourite away grounds to travel too, as of course, price isn’t everything. If a club offer a better experience and quality of product then it obviously the consumer will be more willing to shell out additional funds. Tweet us @FreshFootball on Twitter and share your experience.