The Curious Case Of Thomas Eisfeld


Das Kind mit dem Bade ausschütten, they say in Germany. In English, someone who can be right about parts of an idea, can still be absolutely wrong about another part of it. Thomas Eisfeld joined the club in rather underwhelming circumstances. In fact, Arséne himself took considerable convincing in making a move for the young German that was being encouraged stick out a relatively unrewarding stint with Dortmund, despite 6 goals and 6 assists for U19s.
‘A poor man’s Gotze’, some pronounced. ‘Another child’, others griped. Der Hund bellt und die Karawane geht vorüber, meaning the dog barks but the caravan moves on, thought Thomas. After taking some time to find his feet in London, Eisfeld is slowly starting to make Dortmund regret the day they allowed him leave the club. “Since I’ve been at Arsenal I’ve learnt how to play the ball quicker and to pass and move with more effectiveness. I have become stronger too.”
Another goal in the U21 league match against Bolton, amongst the fireworks on show illustrated to fans watching what many of whom who watch the player week in, week out, knew: Eisfeld is an intelligent player, capable of operating in various positions across the middle, and has a keen eye for goal. His has been the firework for the U21s, who have seen a return of 5 goals from 8 starts.

“He’s a very intelligent footballer and arguably plays better with better players because he is intelligent. He gets in good positions and, as you saw again tonight, he’s got excellent technique and can finish things off.” Burton spoke of Eisfeld recently.

A quiet, hardworking player, Eisfeld is starting to silence his original critics. Some are even proclaiming that the young German could be a key to Arsenal kick starting their faltering season again. Eisfeld’s progress hadn’t gone unnoticed at Arsenal either. Despite not making the grade at Arsenal, Fulham have now signed up the German youngster. There was also interest from Aston Villa.

A drop to the Championship will be hard to tackle for him, but he has the ability to still go far. Good luck, Thomas. Beharrlichkeit führt zum Ziel, patience is a virtue.