Twitter Hounds Robbie Savage During FA Cup Clash


Sunday afternoon saw football fans treated to another FA Cup spectacle as Arsenal defeated Brighton 3-2 at the Amex Stadium, in a game full of goals and excitement. However, one bloke managed to ruin it for everyone. Step forward Robbie Savage.

Embed from Getty Images

The former Derby County (legend?) spent most of the game screaming at a variety of things- be it someone not fouling the opposition, not clearing it or, my personal favourite, because he failed to comprehend that Championship footballers aren’t as good as those in the top-flight playing Champions League football.

If you missed the game and thought I’m being a bit harsh, you’d be wrong. It was comparable to listening to a wailing cat, nails on a chalkboard and Justin Bieber’s latest album simultaneously- and I have evidence to back it up.

Here’s the population of Twitter wishing that Robbie Savage the commentator wasn’t a thing.