“We Made You, Remember That!”: Hammers Fans React To Potential Transfer


Winston Reid’s potential exit from Upton Park has sparked mixed reviews from West Ham fans on Twitter.

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While most have expressed desire to keep the big Kiwi in the heart of the defence, some have reacted in a volatile fashion, which I believe can be justified.

After the 3-0 win against Hull on Sunday Reid tweeted:
“Well done by the boys to get a great 3 points! Hard game but they did well.”

At a glance this seems like your standard post match tweet from a professional on twitter. However, to someone who tends to “read between the lines” this could be misconstrued. The way Winston uses the word “they” in a third person view, could be seen as him distancing himself from the group. Maybe paving the way for a less painful departure? Especially with the likes of Arsenal seeking out the New Zealander. Hammers fans who did pick up were quick to vent their frustration, for example “bore off and be a benchwarmer already”.

This asks the question, what do West Ham do with Reid? Do we replace someone who potentially is not fully committed, cash in and sign a replacement with the reduced fee we get? Or wait until the summer, see if he signs a new deal, but risk losing him on a free?

Let me know what you think.

Here’s some of the fan’s reactions: