5 Highest Scoring Football Teams In Europe

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The actions of the famous European football league always continues to thrill its fans, however, there are certain points in time that one takes a break for a flashback. Such time usually is in December. And for this reason, we are compiling the top 5 teams that score the most goals in Europe. Well, this is a list that must not be overlooked for those fighting to understand how to get the highest bet from a pool of statistics.

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Top 5 Highest Scoring Teams In Europe


  1. Borussia Dortmund BVB

A team that has 82 goals in 34 matches, making it 2.41 goals per match. You shouldn’t be amazed that Borussia Dortmund has successfully represented the Dutch fragrance in European football for getting featured on this list. This is a sign to show that the team is passing through a period of reawakening. Of course, a lot of work still needs to be done for them to win the title or at least, make a Champions league qualifier. Let’s hope the team reaches some of their dreams for the season.


  1. AS Roma

For a team that has made 83 goals in 38 matches – 2.18 goals per match. The Italian football reputation can be confirmed by the appearance of Italian teams on this list. AS Roma have been able to win without facing many challenges and their team consists of a very balanced selection of players. Their performances in Serie A also shouldn’t be overlooked. Let’s hope AS Roma would bless us with its performance in Europe next year because it seems to be working very hard to feature not only in Rome.


  1. Paris Saint-Germain F.C

102 goals in 38 matches don’t sound like a little thing to achieve. That’s an equivalent of 2.68 goals per match for this Paris-based French football club. The superb performances that Paris Saint-Germain has entertained us and keeps them going in Europe. Besides, the team is doing pretty good in the France Ligue 1 as well.


Source: https://goo.gl/IAVb6a


  1. Real Madrid FC

With 110 goals in 38 matches, this Spanish team has an equivalent of 2.89 goals per game. The name of the team is one of the familiar ones and they are not letting us down with their amazing performances both in La Liga and the whole of Europe. Check out their performances in both the domestic and the Europa League. The changes that this Madrid-based club has implemented definitely began to pay off. It’s no surprise that they made it to this list with their evident consistent motivation to succeed.


  1. F.C Barcelona

The number on this list is one of the Spanish favourite teams with 112 goals in 38 matches – 2.94 goals per game. Yes, one of the Spanish favourite at the top of the list of the most scoring clubs in Europe! It is no mistake; this is a confirmation of the difference between Barcelona and the other La Liga teams in Spain. Let’s see more of what Luis Enrique has in stock for us.