Emre Can Wanted By Juventus and Real Madrid in January

Liverpool is one club that has had a lot of issues as it concerns its best legs being poached by rival clubs. Now, one may say that it most times shows a sign of disrespect when a club is seen as that bride that its beauty could be exploited all the time.

It started when the engine room of their midfield in the person of Xabi Alonso was poached by Real Madrid. This, of course signaled the downfall of the Reds. Javier Mascerano followed suite and the team was placed in a place they have not been able to recover from.

In the later years, Liverpool got a lot of stars who because of their love for the history of the club and other reasons chose to grace the Anfield. Fernando Torres was on fire when he arrived, but the club allowed Chelsea to steal him from them in a big money move after few years. He was replaced by the magical Luis Suarez. But then again, one thing led to the other, and the club allowed him to go. The next superlative talent that has graced the team is Coutinho, and now Barcelona wants to take him away from them again.

However, the one that baffles a lot of football pundits is why the team will even consider an offer from Juventus for their midfield general Emre Can. If for nothing, the Emre Can transfer issue is one that should not be talked about at all. If the team keeps selling their best legs like Emre Can one after the other, when will they have the squad that will lift them from their premier league trophy limbo? Without people like Emre Can, who will get them to be at the top again?

Now, we cannot take away the fact that every team that sees a player as a huge potential for them should move for that player. But the Liverpool board has not done enough in the bid to keep Emre Can. Why would Liverpool allow a 24-year-old who is as good as Emre Can to get to the twilight of his contract before offering him another one? The plot to take Emre can away from Liverpool is even thickening now that the Emre Can to real Madrid rumor has surfaced. This will make it more difficult for Liverpool to keep Emre Can now.

Now, to buttress Emre Can’s importance in the team, Liverpool manager has come out to say that the Emre Can move should be halted at all costs. He has expressed his desire to retain Emre Can at the club, appealing to the owners of Liverpool to ensure that Emre Can is persuaded to stay. But it seems that talks about a new deal are not progressing. So, those teams that will just look at a player and he will agree to come play with them have joined the race.

Emre Can could have looked at the contract extension from Liverpool and the offer from Juventus and decide to remain at the Anfield. But an offer from Real Madrid would be very difficult for Emre Can to reject, just as some matches are difficult to ignore in football betting.

Emre Can is a very young and talented midfielder, and the Galacticos will be ready to dole out the funds. It has been revealed through happenings in the pitch and news from the appropriate quarters that Zidane is shopping for another young and experienced quality in midfield. Emre Can fits the position. So, Emre Can is most likely leaving the club anytime soonest, since he will be a free agent by the summer.

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