Back to Basics: How to Get Better at Fantasy Football



Trying fantasy football for the first time is both easy and daunting at the same time. You are most likely trying the fantasy league because a friend or a colleague recommended it to you. This means you’re in a private league with them and they can see the exact performance of your fantasy team every week; that’s usually the daunting part.

Fortunately, today’s best fantasy football leagues are easy to play. You have the best picks and tips right here on Fresh Football. More importantly, these next few tips will help you become better at being a fantasy football manager in no time.

Get More Information

One of the keys to constructing the perfect team is getting as much information as you can. If you’re in a mini fantasy league with friends, you can stay ahead of the competition by getting a lot of information about the league, the performance of players and future predictions. Again, Fresh Football has you covered.

Don’t just settle for the usual football news sites and other resources though. There are alternative ways to know exactly which players to pick to create the perfect team. The Sky Bet Android app, for example, is filled with side bets focusing on players and teams. These side bets – and their odds – offer great insights.

You can also join online fantasy football forums for some more pointers. Seeing as we can use the internet, there shouldn’t be any excuses about not knowing the basics of this game, especially if you did some research before hand. It can be just a quick google search into draftkings fantasy football and then you’re all good to go! As long as you know what you’re doing, that’s all that matters. Most of the time, you don’t even have to post or ask questions. Simply read the different discussions happening across the forum and you’ll find choosing top players and making good progress a lot easier to do.

Practice Makes Perfect

I know a lot of fantasy football managers who are now very good at what they do. The good news is that they started as an average manager, just like you and me. It is okay to do badly on your first season. That doesn’t mean you should quit the fantasy league. The more you play, the better you will get at playing the fantasy football game of your choice.

There is a particularly good way of speeding up the learning process, and that is by playing in multiple leagues. You can test out different combinations of players and try different strategies by signing up for an account on multiple platforms. Keep in mind that some fantasy leagues don’t allow players to have multiple accounts, so it is best to use different games for this purpose.

Be Mindful of Your Transfer Allocations

A lot of fantasy leagues offer players the ability to change their initial squads. That ability is limited by transfer allocation. Some games don’t really allow you to alter your squad unless it is during the transfer windows. Others enable you to change your line-up whenever you like, but you still have a limited number of transfers allocated.

One of the most common mistakes a lot of new fantasy football managers make is making changes too often. I know how tempting it is to transfer a few players because they didn’t play well last week – or the past couple of weeks – but that is not the kind of approach you should be taking. Instead, use the transfer allocation only when you are certain that you can improve the team.

So, how can you pick the best players to transfer and new ones to get? Well, the answer lies in the very first tip we talked about: get as much information as possible. Read up on behind-the-scene news, find out who’s injured and whether the players you’re targeting are attending practice sessions. All of these details will help you construct the perfect team for the season.