Will Leicester City Manage to Steer Clear of Relegation?


Everybody remembers the quick ascent to glory that Leicester made last season. It literally took the football world by storm. This relatively small team just climbed out of anonymity right to the very top of the English Premier League, claiming a title that has often been an exclusive reserve for the big teams. Many expected the team to jealously guard the reputation that they worked so hard to build in just one season. But it turns out that Leicester is in the habit of doing the unthinkable time after time. This season, the team is on the very verge of relegation, and unless they do something about it and do it quickly, they might just have to leave the competition prematurely.

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Leicester Woes

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This season has been anything but good for Leicester, and the future does not look any brighter. In five matches, the team has only managed to gain one point. To make matters worse, Leicester has already lost a solid six games in this season. Compared to the last season where they lost just three games, their present situation is more than worrying. Currently, the team stands at position 14 in the 20 team league, which is not expected of a team that won the title last season. In fact, the imminent threat of relegation that Leicester is facing has only ever happened to one other big team. The unfortunate team was Manchester City, which won the English Premier League in 1937 but was relegated the following year.

Many people are convinced that Leicester is performing so poorly in the EPL as it is giving the competition divided attention. The general notion is that Leicester’s participation in the Champions League has contributed to its dismal performance in the Premier league. The piteous performance of Leicester on Sunday, where they lost 3-1 to Watford, only goes to show just how badly the distraction has affected Leicester’s performance.

Ranieri’s Opinion

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However, the team’s coach sees the whole situation in a completely different light. According to him, the participation of the team in both competitions is nothing short of enjoyable. However, he does acknowledge that the team’s performance in the EPL is wanting, but he feels that the team is up to the challenge. He says that he and everyone else on the team is willing to put in the hard work and the extra hours required for the team to perform well in both competitions. He is also quick to point out the fact that Leicester is doing well in the Champion’s League, although the same can hardly be said of the Premier League.

One has to admire Ranieri’s open defiance of failure, and his willingness to keep the team winning in spite of overwhelming challenges. He quips that Leicester outdid itself last season, and he is optimistic that it is going to write history yet again. Currently, the team is focused on winning the Champion’s league first and hopefully still have time to better its scores in the Premier League. It needs just one point on Tuesday to earn a place on the knock out stage, and steer clear of attention until February.